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The Sunrock High Adventure Base, AKA "Base Camp", is located on 80 acres of prime, high-country wilderness property adjacent to thousands of additional acres of US Forest Service Land and within 10 miles of hundreds of lakes.

The Base Camp sits at an elevation of 10,400 ft. When it was a Boy Scout camp it was the highest camp in the country and the second highest in the world. This is why camp usually isn't open until July. The Sunrock High Adventure Base is a unique wilderness camp like NO OTHER. Weather is unpredictable, internet and cell phone service is non-existent, no power and hiking is an essential part of the experience. The Base Camp builds character through disconnecting from the world and reconnecting with those in your group or family. It eliminates the chaotic pace of life and creates refined focus and inner peace. There is no better mental medicine like the remote peace of mountain sunrises and night time campfires.

A week at Base Camp is a restart for the soul. After attending the Sunrock High Adventure Base, people go home different than when they arrived.

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