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Sunrock High Adventure Base will open for business in the summer of 2024 but will not be providing a full program until 2025. Because Camp Steiner has sat vacant for 5 years there are many repairs and projects that need to be fixed-up the first year. Those groups that come to Sunrock High Adventure Base in 2024 will be required to provide a minimum amount of service to help get the camp up and running.



The boats at the waterfront can be reserved or used on a first come first serve basis during open hours. Sunrock High Adventure Base provides canoes, rowboats, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. All boating participants MUST pass the swim check certification to be allowed to use any waterfront equipment and use Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) while on the water.



We have a great swimming area at Scout Lake, one of three mountain lakes at Sunrock High Adventure Base. There is no swimming aloud at the other two lakes (Pearl or Picturesque Lake). It’s cold but exhilarating to swim in Scout Lake. All swimmers must first past the swim check certification to be allowed to swim at Sunrock High Adventure Base. Part of our High Adventure program is to experience the lake through our Polar Bear Plunge jumping into the lake at 6am or participating in the mile swim.  



Participants who fish at Scout Lake, Pearl Lake or Picturesque Lake are required to have a fishing license. Participants are welcome to check out a boat or canoe during open hours but must wear a PFD at all times when on the water. Fishing is not allowed from the dock or anywhere near the waterfront shore. Sunrock High Adventure Base practices the catch-and-release method and asks all guests to do the same and to use a barbless hook for easier release.


Rock Wall

The Rock Wall at Sunrock High Adventure Base provides one of the most breathtaking views and exciting High Adventure activities available at camp. Groups will sign up to participate in the Rock Wall activities, which include both rock climbing and rappelling. Safety is the highest priority at Sunrock High Adventure Base so participants MUST follow all rules and wear the appropriate equipment when participating in the Rock Wall activities.  



Sunrock High Adventure Base is surrounded by an extensive trail system that explores the surrounding peaks and lakes.  The views are expansive and inspirational. Those who make the trek to the top of one of the surrounding peaks are greatly rewarded to see across some of the most beautiful rustic backcountry in the Western United States. Groups are encouraged to take either a day hike that could range from 1-3 miles or turn their hike into an overnight outpost backpacking trip that could range from 3-6 miles. Groups will have the unforgettable experience of hiking or backpacking trails like Lofty Loop Lake, Bald Mountain, Ruth Lake, Pass Lake, Fehr Lake and many more.



Sunrock High Adventure Base provides many fun and engaging games to help groups have fun while at camp. The different activities are spread throughout camp encouraging groups to not only participate as a group but to also meet new people from other groups. There are many different types of activities which allow individuals with many different skill sets and abilities to participate. Activities are available most anytime throughout the day.



Sunrock High Adventure Base places a high premium on teamwork activities. Groups will sign up for a time slot where they can explore the low ropes course and be led through 10 other teamwork activities. Group members will learn to think outside the box and learn the value of working with others to accomplish a challenging task. The learning process replicates life scenarios in families, friends, work, sports, or any other group.



Outdoor safety is of highest priority while at Sunrock High Adventure Base and guests will have the opportunity to learn important and lifesaving first aid skills along with wilderness survival skills. Each day there will be both morning and afternoon classes available to groups and individuals. Other skill classes that will be available are knot-tying, outdoor cooking, mountain man skills, hatchet throwing and eventually a high ropes course.



Service is an essential part of the Sunrock High Adventure Base program, and all guests will be encouraged to participate in a service project while at camp. Through service opportunities, guests will learn the value of environmental conservation and good stewardship. Groups will participate in deadfall clean up, trail grooming, facility cleanup and maintenance, camp site improvements and any other project identified by the Camp Director. Groups are welcome to bring their own equipment to help with projects, but it must be coordinated with the Camp Director before arriving.


Inspirational Activities

Out of all the good things that happen at the Sunrock High Adventure Base, this could possibly be the most important. Guests will have experience three important elements of our program: Adventure, Discovery, and Connection.

Guests will  experience high adventures while at camp that will encourage them to step outside their comfort zone.  As a result of those challenging experiences, they will discover things about themselves and other group or family members which ultimately lead to a stronger healthier connection.  The inspirational activities will also help them connect with their higher power.  Inspirational activities will include things like star gazing, campfire programs, devotionals, and patriotic programs.

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