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Emergency Procedures


In any large-scale operation, there exists the possibility of “emergencies.” Sunrock High Adventure Base places the highest priority on establishing, communicating, and practicing effective camp Emergency Response Plans (ERP’s). These procedures help staff and guests respond quickly and safely to all possible emergencies.


Weather-Related Emergencies


Camp management takes every reasonable effort to monitor weather conditions that may pose a threat to the health and safety of the camp. Leaders and parents are ultimately responsible for the safety and well-being of their group. Leaders and parents are strongly encouraged to use good judgment when possible threats exist.


Weather Impact on Activities


Occasionally, camp programs and activities will be impacted by weather events. In particular the Aquatics and climbing areas are often the first to be impacted. Thunder and lightning are a common occurrence at Sunrock High Adventure Base and can cause a delay or cancelation of activities. We do not take guest and staff safety lightly! Decisions to close an area are usually determined by the area director, in consultation with the Camp Director. Once again, we depend on the leaders or parents to be aware of weather activity and if they deem it necessary to move their group to a safer area, do not wait for direction from camp staff to do so.




Campers and staff should be extremely careful with fire. In the event of a wildfire, the camp alarm will sound, and emergency evacuation procedures will be implemented. Please make sure all members of your group are aware of the emergency evacuation procedures. Do not venture out on your own to find individuals or family members. Camp administration will provide directions about how to proceed. An emergency drill is normally held within 24 hours of each arrival group.


Lost or Missing Person


If a guest is believed to be missing, adult leaders or parents should first confirm that the missing person is not in the campsite, activity areas, or other common gathering places. The group should utilize the following steps: Assemble your groups, check each tent or ADK, check areas, then if not found, notify the Camp Director immediately. Sunrock High Adventure Base has an established response protocol developed with local county law enforcement. 


Medical Emergencies


All previous medical circumstances MUST be communicated to the Camp Director prior to arrival at camp. Sunrock High Adventure Base is extremely high in elevation at 10,400 ft, which can affect even the healthiest of individuals if not adequately prepared. Camp first aid staff is properly trained and equipped to handle most any medical emergency. Please notify staff immediately of any medical emergency.


Bear Precautions


Sunrock High Adventure Base operates amid a strong black bear population. For the safety of the bears and the campers, a strict compliance to bear safety precautions is required. All food and other “smellables” (toothpaste, soap, deodorant, shampoo etc.) must be kept in either the bear box provided or in a hard sided trailer in the campsite. All dishwater should be properly filtered of food particles through the provided “bear screen”. Bear screens must be cleaned and stowed in bear box.


Bear “Safe” Garbage Disposal Plan


To keep Camp beautiful and safe we must immediately remove, securely store, or incinerate all bear attractant garbage and litter. We must adhere to the following garbage disposal guidelines, and an adult leader or parent from each group must take responsibility to ensure adherence to these policies.

•  Don't Burn Garbage. Never burn bear attractant garbage, such as left-over food, plates, bowls, or cups, grease, dirty dish water, or litter in the fire pit. The fire pit is for wood only!

•  Drink Beverages. Encourage scouts to eat all their food and drink all beverages. Liquids such as milk, punch, or juice are dangerous if placed in the garbage. They leak out and create a bear attractant mess.

•  Less grease in water. Limit the amount of food and grease in dish water by wiping all dirty dishes with a paper towel before washing, then throw the paper towel with the food and grease into the garbage. Dirty dish water must be strained through the bear screen. Clean the bear screen with a paper towel and throw the towel in the garbage. Bear screens must be stored in the bear box. Clean food and grease from stoves. Paper towels that are used to wipe dishes must be taken to the Bear Trailer.

•  Garbage in bear trailer after each meal. Collect all waste and garbage immediately after each meal and take it to the garbage trailer/Dumpster. Place all bear attractant waste in the garbage trailer and close the door securely. NEVER LEAVE A BAG OF GARBAGE LYING OUT IN THE OPEN. Tie all garbage bags securely before placing it in the trailer.

•  Litter in Bear Box. Do not create a litter station in your campsite except in the bear box. Never leave a garbage bag or trash can anywhere in your campsite. Do a camp litter sweep before bed, checking all pockets, place all litter in the bear box until it can be.

•  NO Garbage in latrines. Never put litter or garbage down the latrines..

•  Recycle all metal. All aluminum (pop) cans should be taken to the recycling bin in the Trading Post. Keep them in the bear box until you can safely transport them to the Trading Post. Place tin (steel) cans in the garbage to be “burned out” in the incinerator.

•  DO NOT burn propane bottles. Never put propane bottles or canisters in your garbage. Take them home with you.

•  No large garbage allowed. Do not put any items in the garbage trailer that are not a bear hazard. For example, items such as broken camp chairs, tarps, or other camping equipment are difficult to burn and should be taken home with you.

•  NO pit ashes allowed in garbage trailer. Clean campfire ashes and coals are not a bear attractant. Your campfire will reduce burned wood and ashes, but if you feel your fire pit needs to be cleaned please talk to the Camp Director. DO NOT take fire pit ashes or coals to the garbage trailer.


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