For a Comfortable Stay

Equipment provided by the camp

• Picnic table

• Bear box for storing toiletries and staple food items

• Fire barrel and cans for extinguishing fires

• Bulletin board for posting the program, duty roster, and other papers

• Flagpole

• Toilet paper


Troop or Patrol Equipment

• Camp stove and fuel

• Pots, pans, and skillet for cooking

• Folding table for food preparation (optional but nice to have)

• Dish washing bins, soap, scrubbing pad for cleaning dishes

• Hatchet or ax for splitting wood for fires

• Hotdog/marshmallow sticks


Individual Scout Equipment:

•  Approved Physical

•  Jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt

•  Pajamas or clothes to sleep in

•  Rain gear (a must-have at Camp)

•  Shirts

•  Pants

•  Socks

•  Underwear

•  Swimsuits –Comfortable simple—boxer-style (not briefs) for males and one-piece or modest two-piece (not bikini) for females

•  Hiking shoes

•  Water fording shoes

•  Backpack (for hike day)

•  Water bottle (32 oz. minimum)

•  Personal toiletries

•  Medications (needed)

•  First Aid Kit

•  Mosquito repellant

•  Sunblock

•  Flashlight

•  Towel

•  Sleeping bag

•  Pillow

•  Ground pad

•  Tent (if the troop requested you to bring one)

•  Spending money

•  Pocketknife (no sheath knives)

•  Sunglasses

•  Wide-brimmed hat

•  Work gloves

•  Watch

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